Fee Structure

Fee Structure Of Tevta Institution 2018-19
Govt. College Of Technology For Women, Multan

Fee Structure   
Tuition Admission FeeDAE
Admission Fee125125105
Tuition Fee318031801260
Re-Admission Fee DDM & DAE=Rs. 125/-
Re-Admission Fee for D Com=Rs. 105/-
Total Tuition Admission Fee330533051365
Board Dues
PBTE Dues850850850
Certificate Verification Fee155015501550
Late Admission Single Fee Rs. 200/-
Double Fee Rs. 400/-
Total Board Dues240024002400
Pupil Fund
Welfare Fund810810665
Stationery & Printing485485440
Computer Fund270027002220
Machinery Fund660660480
Age Relaxation Fund For DDM & DAE=Rs. 445/-
Age Relaxation Fund For D Com=Rs. 370/-
Fine Fund For DDM & DAE=Rs. 10/- per day
Fine Fund For D Com=Rs. 9/- per day
ID Card Fund757560
Transport Fund11101110920
Sports Fund225225185
College Security (Refundable)15501550730
Total Pupil Fund762576255700
Grand Total13330133309465